Blueberry Season 2019-2020 pickers RSVP | "Online Induction"


This form is for Online Induction & RSVP. After completing please submit "ALADDIN EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION FORM" by following the instruction below (CODE 7383).

Time & Location

Blueberry Season 2019-2020 pickers RSVP
"Online Induction"

About the Event


Submit ALADDIN Employment Application Form by visiting link below (copy & paste link to a browser)

All applicants are required to submit the application form.


A. Piecework Agreement (Employment Agreement) to be complete at the farm.

B. TFN declaration & Super form to be submitted at your earliest convenience.

C. After submitting Application Form text confirmation to James on 0411 227 383 then he will get back to you ASAP to provide further details and instructions (Information Pack) plus answer any questions to secure your positions.

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